Compound Interest Test 3

Compound Interest Test 3


  1. A certain sum of money lent at a certain rate of compound interest grows to 1.44 times its value in 2 years . if the same sum is lent at SI at same rate in how many years would be it double itself?

  1. A sum of money is accumulating is CI at a certain rate of Interest. If SI instead of compound were reckoned the interest for first two years would be diminished by rs 20 and that for the first 3 years by Rs 61 find the sum?

  1. At what rate percent per annum will Rs 1000 amount to 1331 in 3 years ? the interest is compounded yearly?

  1. If the amount is 2 ¼ times the sum after 2 years at compound interest the arte of interest per annum is?

  1. on what sum of money will the SI for 3 years at 8% per annum be half of the CI on Rs 400 for 2 years at 10% per annum?

  1. John lent Rs 8000 to his friend for 3 years at the rate of 5% PA compound interest. What amount does John get after 3 years?

  1. On a certain sum of money the CI for 2 years is 210 and the is 200 find the sum and rate %?

  1. compute the CI on Rs 4000 for 1 ½ years at 10% PA and compounded half yearly?

  1. Find the amount on Rs 2400 after 3 years when interest is compounded annually at the arte of 20% PA?

  1. A sum becomes R 1352 in 2 years at 4% CI . find the sum?

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