Percentages Quiz 10

1) The value of a land increases by 20% annually. If it is Rs 80000 now what will be its value two years hece?

2) The salary of Mr A increased by 20% ad 10% in two successive years. If it is Rs 1056 this year what was his salary two years ago?

3) The price of a fan is reduced by 10% and its sales is increased by 10%. What is the % change in the turn over of the shop keeper?

4) A and b are two numbers less than C by 20% and 40% respectively, by what percentage B is less than A?

5) The price of a pen is 20% more than a book. The price of a box is 20 %less than that of a pen. By what % the price of a abox is less than that of a book?

6) A saves 20% of his income . if his income increased by 20% and he increased his savings by 10%. By what % his expenditure is increased?

7) 72% of students in a college offered English. 42% of students offered Hindi . if each student offers either English ot hindi or both. How many students offered both of there are 500 studentxs in all.

8) 39% of people inBombayown a scooter, 79% of people own a car. If the people inBombayown either a scooter or a car or both, what % of people own both scooter and car?

9) 42% of students in a school passed in English exam. 70% of the students passed in hindi. If 18% of the students passed both the subjects, what 5 of the students failed?

10 ) The length of a rectangle is increased by 10% and its breadth is decreased by 20%. What is the % change in area?

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