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Free Online Sbi Po Preparation Practice and Preparation Tests and SBI PO General awareness 2013 : practice test  Every job seeker’s dream is crack the SBI PO exam. The only thing to get job is great hard work and dedication, Concentration while preparing is needed for getting an SBI PO job. The candidates who are preparing need for great planning to crack the SBI PO exam. The SBIRecruitmentportal are providing some helpful tips to the candidates who are preparing for SBI PO exams.

1.Which of the following is not correctly matched?

2.Which of the following is not correctly matched?

3.Which of the following counties is fully dependent on imported raw materials for its iron and steel industries

4.The largest inland sea in the world is the 

5.Stalingradis now know as

6.Through which one of the following states the tropic of cancer does not pass

7.In which of the follwig cities are the national medium library located?

8.Bonsai refers to

9.The global hunger project has been launched by

10.Which among the following is a self governing colony ofBritain?

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