Partnership and share no 3

partnership problems and solutions

1)A, B and C starts a business by investing Rs 3500 A’s capital is Rs 700 more than B. B’s capital is Rs 500 more than C. Find the profit ratio?

2) A and B together invested Rs 120000 in a business. At the end of the year out of a total profit of Rs 18000. A’s share was Rs 700 what was the investment of A?

3) A, B and C invest Rs 4000 Rs 5000 and Rs 6000 respectively in a business and A gets 25% of profit for managing the business, The rest of the profit is divided by a B and C in the proportion to their investment. If in a year A gets Rs 100 less than B and C together what was the total profit for that year?

4) A, B and C enter into partnership A initially invests Rs 35 lakhs and withdraws Rs 10 Lakhs after 2 years and C invests Rs. 30 lakhs. In what ratio should the profit be divided at the end of 3 years

5) A,b and C stated a business with their investments in the ratio 1:3:5 . After 4 months A invested the same amount as before and B as well as a C with draw half of their investments. The ratio of their profits at the end of the year is?

6) A, B and C invested R 32000 rs 6000 and Rs 46000 in a business. What is the share of B in the annual profit Rs 11400 ( in rs)?

7) A, B,C invested rs 16000 Rs 32000 Rs 40000 in a business. If C receives Rs 36000 more than A as his share in annual profit. What is the share of B (in Rs)?

8)A, B,C invested rs 40000 Rs 64000 Rs 72000 in a business. If A receives Rs 24000 less than C as his share in annual profit. What is the share of B (in Rs)?

9) A,B,C rented a car for Rs 2400 and they used it for 9,8, 13 hours respectively What is the rent to be paid by B (in Rs)

10) A invested 1/3 of the capital for ¼ time. B invested 1/5 capital for ½ time. C invested the remaining capital for a whole time. What is the share of A in the total annual profit Rs 78000 in Rs?

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