Percentages Quiz 06

1) A reduction of 40% in the price of pens enables a person to buy 10 pens more for Rs 150. Find the original price of pen?

2) The two numbers are 30% and 40% of the third number. The firs number is how much % less than the second number?

3) The two numbers are 40% and 30% less than the third number. The second number is how much % more than the first number?

4) In an examination a medical student got 40% and fails with 40 marks. If the pass marks are 400 then find the maximum marks?

5) In an examination an Engineering student got 50% and which is 50 marks more than the pass marks. If the maximum marks are 200 then find the pass marks?

6) 200 grams of sugar solution has 30% sugar how much sugar should be added to make it 60%

7) 400 grams of sugar solution has 340% sugar how much water should be added to make it 20% of sugar?

8) In an election between two candidates one got 63% and wins with a majority of 520 votes. If 120 votes are invalid then find the total number of votes polled in an election?

9) In an examination 30% failed in English 80% failed in maths and 10% pass in both then find the percent failed in any one of the subject?

10) A man spends 10% of his income on education 20% of the rest on house rent, 25% of the rest on house holds now he is left with Rs 5400 . Find his income?

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