Percentages Quiz 07

1) 3.6% of 40 = ?

2) The ratio of number of boys and girls in a school is 3:2 20% of boys and 25% of girls are holding scholarships. Find the % of school students who hold scholarship?

3) A number on subtracting 15 from it, reduces to its 80%, what is 40% of that number?

4) calculation shows that an angle is 37 ½ . the size obtained by draing and measurement is 36. the error percent is?

5) A reduction f Rs 2 per kg enables a man to purchase 4 kg more sugar for Rs 16. find the original price of sugar per kg?

6) If X is 90% of Y, then what percent of X is Y?

7) From a container having pure milk 20% is replaced by water and the process is repeated thrice. At the end of third operation , the milk % is

8) Amar spends 40% of his salary on food articles and one-third of the remaining on transport. If he saves Rs 450 per month, which is half of the balcance after spending on food items and transport. What is his monthly salary?

9) An increased of Rs 60 in the monthly salary of Mohan made it 50% of the monthly salary of Kamal. What is Madan;s present monthly salary

10) A house owner was having his house painte. He was advised that he wouls require 25 kg of paint, allowing fo 15% wastage and assuming that paint is available in 2 kg ans. What would be the cost of paint purchased, if one can cost Rs 16?

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