Indian Politics Exercise 08

1.The president ofIndiaappoints the chief Election commissioner, but he cannot be removed from office except by a special procedure is the same as the constitution. This procedure is same as the one prescribed for the removal of the

2.The main purpose behind the inclusion of the Directive principles of state policy in the Indian constitution is to

3.State governors are

4.The chief election commissioner may be removed from office before the expiry of his term by the president on

5.A person who is not a member of parliament if appointed as a minister, shall become a member of either house of parliament within

6.Ordinances issued by a state government are subject to the approval of the

7.The prime minister ofIndiawho did not face the union parliament ever once was

8.Who, among the following was not a member of constituent assembly of India?

9.The competent authority/forum to amend the fundamental rights is the

10.The office of the prime minister ofIndiahas a ……… basis

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