Prepositions Quiz 4

The most complete guide to learn about words that indicate relationships between nouns, pronouns and other words in a sentence A preposition is a word that links a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to some other part of the sentence. Prepositions can be tricky for English learners and also provided Agreement Of The Verb With , Direct and Indirect Speech ,Tenses Take some online quizzes on prepositions in english grammar for all competitive exams like Bank exams,Groups,and all civil service exams.

We are now confident ______________winning the match

We are looking forward _________ your cooperation

I hate sitting __________ him as he always smells of garlic.

The award ‘padma Bhushan’was conferred____________ chiranjeevi at colourful ceremony

I congratulated him __________ his success

Hundreds of people die ____________ malaria in village

You should’t be angry ___________ your soon

There was nobody to attend _______ the complaints of the customers

You should knock ______ the door  before you enter somebody’s room

The doctors advised him to abstain himself ____________ taking alcoholic drinks

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