Aptitude Number Test 07


1)Sum of two numbers is 52. if one number is 10 more than the othr, find the least number?

2) The length of a rectangle exceeds its breadth by 4 m . if its perimeter is 84 m, find the length(in mts)

3) If the difference between a number and its three fourth is 8-0, what is the number?

4) How many number are there from 300 to 500 which are divisible by 13

5) The sum of three consecutive numbers is 27. what is the square of the middle number?

6) If 2/5 th of a number is 1.8, what will be 300% of that number?

7) A number exceeds its two- thirds by 40. what is the number?

8) If two fifth of a number is 15 less than original number. What is the number?

9) By how much is 1/5 of 425 less than ΒΌ of 350?

10) Two fifth of a number is 3 more than one fourth of the same number. What is the sum of the two digits of the number?

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