Aptitude Number Test 10

1) In a fraction the numerator is 8 less than the denominator. If 3 is added to the numerator, the fraction becomes 2/3 then the fraction is?

2) If costs Rs 1000 to make first 1000 copies of a book and Rs x to make each subsequent copy. It is copied total Rs 7230 to make 8000 copies then x=?

3) A man traveled 1200 km by air which formed 2/5 of his trip. He traveled remaining distance by car and train . if the distance traveled by car 1.3 of the total, how many km did he travel by train?

4) If the number 106240247a is divisible by 9 what is the value of a?

5) The number of 3 digited numbers are their which leaves 14 as remainder when divided by 15?

6) The number of 3 digited numbers when divided by 11 leaves 10 as remainder is?

7) The product of 2 consecutive numbers is 210. Then the sum of their squares is?

8) The largest 4 digit number which is exactly divisible by 47 is?

9) If 100 apples and 50 mangoes cost Rs 900, 50 apples and 100 mangoes cost Rs 1050, find the cost of 1 apple and 1 mango?

10) The least value of X so that ( 6896 x 45) is divisible by 9 without remainder is?

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