Profit and loss Test no 4

  • A person sells an article at a profit of 20%. If he had bought it at 20% less and sold it for Rs 40 more he would have gained 25%. Find the CP

  • A person sells an article at a profit of 10%. If he had bought it at 10% less and sold it for Rs 24 less he would have gained 20%. Find the CP

  • The original price of a TV set is Rs 900. The new price is discounted by 20% and then raised by 10% what is its new price?

  • By selling an umbrella for Rs 30 a merchant gains 20%. During a clearance sale the merchant allows a discount of 10% of the marked price( The price at which he used to sell) find his gai percent?

  • A man purchases two watches at Rs 560. He sells one at 15% profit and other at 10% loss then he neither gains nor losses. Find the CP of each watch?

  • A shopkeeper purchases 10 kg of rice at Rs 600 and sells at a loss as much the selling price of 2 kg of rice. Find the selling price of rice per kg?

  • A person sells 36 oranges’ per rupee and suffers a loss of  4% Find how many oranges per rupee to be sod to have a gain of 8%

  • A man sold two watches for Rs 1000 each on one he gains 25% and on the 20% loss . Find how much percent does he gain or loss in the whole transaction?

  • A discount of20% on the marked price of a  book enables a man to buy a pen which costs rs 80. How much did he pay for a book?

  • A cloth merchant says that sue to slump in the market he sells the cloth at 10% loss but he uses a false meter scale and actually gains 15% fid the actual length?

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