Profit and loss Test no 5

A whole seller ells 30 pens for the price of 27 pens to retailer. The retailer sells the pens at their market price. Find the gain  % for the retailer?

what profit % does make by selling an article at a certain  price. If by selling at ¾ of that price their may be  a loss of 10% make?

A transistor is listed at rs 150 with a discount of 20% what  additional discount must be offered to bring the net price to Rs 108?

A man purchased sugar worth Rs 400 he sold ¾ the at a loss of  10% and the remainder at a gain of 10% on the whole he gets?

A dealer sold three fourth of his articles at a gain of 20% and  the remaining at CP. The gain earned by him in the whole transaction is?

The CP of an article is 40% of the SP the percent that P is of  CP is?

After allowing a discount of 10% on marked price of a shopkeeper charges rs 540 for a watch. Had he not allowed any discount he   would have made a profit of 20% hat was the CP of the watch?

For a certain article if discount is 25%. The profit is 25%. If   the discount is 10% then the profit is?

A milk man makes a profit of 20% on the sale of milk. If he were to add 10% water to the milk by what % would his profit increase?

A shopkeeper earns a profit of 12% on selling a book at 10% discount on the printed price. The ratio of the lost price to printed price  of the book i?

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