Profit and loss Test no 6

A cloth merchant announces 25% rebate in prices. If one needs to have a rebate of Rs 40, then how many shirts each costing Rs 32 he should purchase?

john buys oranges at a rate of 3 kg for Rs 21 and sells at 5 kg  for  Rs  50. to earn Rs 102 as profit, he must  sell?

The difference between the selling price of a clock at a profit of 8% and 10% s Rs 6. find the cp of the clock?

A man buys at Rs 6 per liter and adds one third of wate to it  and sells the mixture at Rs 7.20 per liter. The profit percent is?

Ramlal purchased 120 reams of paper at Rs 80 per ream, he  spends Rs 280 on transportation, paid octroi at the rate of 40 paise per ream and paid Rs 72 to the coolie. If he wants o have a gain of 8%, what must be the selling price per ream?

Rajesh bought paper sheets for Rs 7200 and spet Rs 200 on transportaion, paying Rs 600, he had 330 boxes made which he sold at Rs 28 each. His profit percentage is?

A man buy oranges a Rs 5 a dozen and equal number of Rs 4 a dozen. He sells them at Rs 5.50 a dozen and makes a profit of Rs 50. how many oranges does he buy?

A man sells his car for Rs 5000 and loses something. Had he  sold it for for Rs 56000,his gain would have been double the former loss.Find the cost price?

A man purchases a certain number of mangoes at 3 per rupees and  the same number at 4 per rupee. He mixes them together and sells them st 3 per rupee. What is his gain or loss percent?

If by selling 110 mangoes the cost price of 120 mangoes is realized the gain percent is?

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