Profit and loss Test no 8

  1. By selling a book for Rs 546 a loss of 9% is obtained, what is its cost price ( in Rs)

  1. A sells a house to B at 30% gain and B sells it to C at a loss of 20%. If C pays Rs 520000 for it , at what price did A buy?

  1. By selling an article for Rs 639, 5% gain is made. At what price it must be sold to lose 5%?(in Rs)

  1. By selling a article for Rs 455 a man loses 9% if he sells it for Rs 555, what would be the gain or loss percentage?

  1. A shop keeper mixes 30 kg sugar at Rs 3.60 per Kg with 26 kg of sugar at Rs 2 pr kg and sells the mixture at Rs 3 per kg. what is the profit percentage

  1. what profit percent is made by selling a toy at a certain price if by selling at two thirds of this price there would be a loss of 10%?

  1. a shop keeper sold a book at a profit of 28%. Had he sold if for Rs 18 less 22% would have been gained. What is CP of the book?

  1. A man sold an article at a loss of 6%. Had he been sold at a gain 10% it would  have fetched Rs 144 more than it did. What is the CP of the article ( in Rs)

  1. A purchases nine articles for Rs 16 and sells the at 11 for Rs 20 what is the gain or loss percentage?

  1. Ravi purchased two articles at Rs 300 each. He sold one at a gain of 10% and other at a loss of 10%. What is over change in %

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