Profit and loss Test no 9

  1. Ramu sold two articles for Rs 9900 each on one he gained 20% and on the other he lost 20%. What is the gain or loss percentage on the whole?

  1. A dishonest dealer professes to get a loss of 4% but he uses a weight of 900 gms instead of kg. what is his gain %?

  1. A dishonest deler professes to sell his goods at a cost pice but gains 60%. What weight does he substitute for a kg?

  1. A reduction of 10% in the price of salt enables a person to purchase 5 kgs more for Rs 600. what is the reduced price per kg?

  1. Two successive discounts 30% and 20 % are equal to a single discouny of …..%?

  1. A discount series of 20%,10% and 30% is equal to single discount of what %?

  1. A boy buys two boxes for Rs 900. he sells one at a gain of 15% and other at a loss of 30% on whole he neither lose nor gain. What is the cost of each box?

  1. By selling 80, apples A gains the cost price of 20 apples. What is his gain%?a.

  1. The list price of an article is Rs 800. A customer is given two successive discounts of 10% and 30%. What is its selling price?

  1. A trader lists his articles 20% above CP but allows a discount of 10% for cash payment what is the profit?

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