Profit and loss Test no 10

  1. A trader lists his articles in such a way that after allowing a discountof 20% still there is a gain of 4%. By what percentage above CP is the market price?

  1. A sold 16 articles for the same money as he paid for 24. what is his gain or loss %?

  1. A shop keeper mark his goods in such a way that a profit of 415 obtained , afer allowing a discount of 25% on the market price. If no discount is allowed on MP what would be the profit percentage?

  1. If goods be purchased for RS 6000 one fourth be sold at a loss of 20% and the remaining was sold at 10% profit, what is the overall gain or loss percentage?

  1. A gain of 30% is made by selling book for Rs 390. at what price is should be sold to get a gain of 25%

  1. A merchant gets Rs 500 if he sells either item A at 15% gain and item B at 10% loss or item A at 15% loss and item B at 10% gain. What is the cost price of item A ( in Rs)

  1. If the cost price of 20 tables is equal to selling price of 25 tables, what is the loss percentage?

  1. Two successive discounts 25% and 20% are equal to a discount of ………10%

  1. By selling an article for Rs 360, 20% gain is made. What would be it selling price to get 15% gain( in Rs)

  1. A hop keeper  sold on watch for Rs 630 after giving a discount of 10% on its markets price. If he had not allowed any discount the profit would be 25%. What is the CP of the watch?

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