Aptitude Averages Quiz4

The average marks of 7 students s 42% . when a student joined      this group, the average is increased to 48%. The amrks of the student who      joined is?

Of the three numbrs, second is twice the first and is alos      thrice the third. If the average of three numbers is 44, the largest      number is?

One-third of a certain journey is covered at the rate of 25 kmph one-fourth at the rte of 30 kmph and the rest of 50 kmph> find the  average speed of the whole jourey.

In a factory the average salary of the employees is Rs 70. If      the average salary of 12 officers is Rs 400 andthat o the remaining      employees is Rs 60 then the nuberof employees are

the average weight of 9 mangoes increased by 20 g if one of  them weighing 120 g replaced by another. The weight of the new mango si?

the mean of 100 observations was calculated as 40. It was found  later on that one of the observations was misread as 83 instead of 53. the correct mean is?

The average of marks of 30 boys is 55 nd the average marks of  20 girls is 40. what is the average of all the students in the class?

The average of four consecutive even numbers is 37. what si the      leas number of the four?

The average score of a player in 8 matches is 12 . in the th      match his score is 3. what is his new average score?

  1. The average of 11 membres is 40. the average of first 5 members  is 36 and the average of alst 5 members is 43. what is the sixth number?

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