SBI PO Exam Practice question paper with answer key

SBI Bank PO Previous Years Question Papers : State Bank of India previous papers find here of the years 2010,2011.Earlier State Bank of India has announced 1500 PO Vacancies for this year 2013.And this is also a big opportunity for the candidates to get this awesome job.

SBI PO Exam Practice question paper with answer key.

He is ________- best batsman of our team

He gave me __________ new hundred rupee note

I bought oranges at Rs.10 ____________ dozen

__________ sky is blue

Mr Robert is ____________ American and Mr.smith is ____________ European

I waited for him for __________ hour and __________ half

____________ more he talks ______________ less he impresses

Kashmir is ________ Switzerland of india  

___________ iron is heavier than ____________ wood

They went to ____________ church to see its architecture

1.The author of the famous book “ The wealth of nations is”

2.Which among the following pairs of states were the first to implement the panchayat raj system?

3.In which one of the following states is kukli national army operation as an insurgent group

4.In which of the following countries do 90% of the malaria cases occur?

5.India’s forest indigenous medium-range ship-to ship missile is

6.The term “silly point” is associated with

7.The Indian beer is made essential from

8.Thyrotoxicosia is caused by the excess of……………hormone

9.Plastic money is a colloquial name for a 

10.Though the ozone layer depletion is a global phenomenon it is now more pronounced in

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