SBI PO Exam Practice Some Previous question papers 2013

SBI Bank PO Previous Years Question Papers : State Bank of India previous papers find here of the years 2010,2011.Earlier State Bank of India has announced 1500 PO Vacancies for this year 2013.And this is also a big opportunity for the candidates to get this awesome job.

SBI PO Exam Practice question paper with answer key.

  1. The gas used in the artificial ripening of fruits is

  1. Which among the following rivers has the second largest river basin concerning 10% of the area ofIndia

  1. ‘Yellow cake’ an item of smuggling across borders refers to

  1. The wadiainstituteofHimalayan Geologyis located in

  1. Which of the following hill stations is situated in the Kumaon ranges

  1. The national song vande matheram was composed by bankim Chandra chatterji in

  1. Who among the following got the ‘Bharath Ratnaa’ award before becoming the president ofIndia?

8. The chief ingredient of the mosquito repellant cream is derived from

  1. Paradise lost was written by

  1. The hawalian islands wee discovered by

1.Which of the following states is referred to as the spicegardenofIndia?

2.Karangam is a form of folk dance associated with

3.Which one of the following countries gave the world the concept of zero?

4.Which landlocked country lies entirely within borders of thesouth Africa

5.The term fourth estate refers to

6.Which f the following places has come to be called the exhibition capital of south east Asia?

7.The Indian player whose portrait is displayed at the lords stadium as a tribute to his contribution to world cricket is

8.Which one of the following was an emerged communist journal of M.N.Roy?

9.Which one of the following countries is the worlds largest  breeder reactor superphoenix located?

10.Glenn Seaborg, nobel prize winning US chemist was the first person to separate

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