Indian Economy Quiz 05

Take some online tests on Indian Economy,Aspirants those who are preparing for competitive exams like Group 2,UPSC,Civil Services examinations etc and Aptitude section available for bank exams.

1.Inflation inIndiain middle of 2004 was mainly due to

2.To control inflation in 2004, government used

3.Minimum support price is fixed by

4.Death-rate refers to

5. “Zero population growth” implies

6.InIndiathe sex-ratio has been less than 1000 from 1901-2001 with declining trend . the reason for this is

7.Population rate inIndiawas negative in which of the following decades

8.Which one of the following is the least populous state(2001 census)

9.Seasonal unemployment is prevalent mainly in

10.Unemployment insurance will result in

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