Synonyms & Antonyms RL – Reading Manipulatives antonym. A word or phrasewith the opposite meaning to another. Example. Download information sheets. Antonyms and synonyms (PDF) and example like Synonyms and Antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. ○. Warm is an antonym for cool. ○. Strong is an antonym for weak.

SYNONYMS                                    WORD                 ANTONYMS

exile, expatriate, extradite banish admit, receive, harbor, shelter
savage, uncivilized, wildinhuman, rude barbarous gentle, refined, civilized
denude, strip, dismantle bare cover, mask
sterile, unfruitful, infertile(i)                 Foundation, ground(ii)               Low, vile, mean barrenbase  fertile, fecund, fruitful(i) top, summit, peak, apex(ii) Nobel, upright
Lovely, pretty, handsome, fair, bonny beautiful ugly, repulsive, repugnant
Misrepresent, contradict, disprove belie attest, prove, indicate
Quarrelsome, bellicose, pugnacious belligerent friendly, neutral
Profit, avail, ameliorate benefit harm, injure, hurt,
Charitable, philanthropic, humane,Altruistic, malicious benevolent malevolent
Kind, genial, humane benign malign, spiteful
Confer, present, denote, give award bestow withdraw
Bandage, tie, fretter bind unbind, loose, release, free
Guilt, fault, censure balem commendation, applause
Smooth, urbane, politic, soft, gentle bland brusque, blunt, piquant
Dull, obtuse blunt sharp, keen, acute
Bragging, vaunting boastful modest
Audacious, brave bold timid, cowardly
Obtain on loan borrow lend
Annoy, vex, worry bother comfort, relief
Rift, gap, violation, transgressionInfringement breach unbroken surface, repair
Tear, crack, fractureDestroy, violate, infringe break mend, join, repair
Shortness, conciseness brevity length, long windedness
Brilliant, radiant, bearing, luminous bright dull, dim
Crisp, fragile, breakable brittle supple, tough, elastic, flexible
Wide, deep braid narrow
Savage, cruel, rough brutal human, kind, gentle
Curt, blunt, uncivil, discourteous brusque bland, urbane, smooth
Pastoral, rural, rustic bucolic urbane
Brawny, muscular burly lanky, lean
Wasted, haggard, pale, skinny, gaunt cadaverous plump, stout, healthy- looking
Coax, wheedle, lure cajole browbeat, bully
Hard, indifferent, obdurate callous soft, considerate, tender
Spacious, sampleConcern, anxiety, attention capaciouscare circumscribed, limited,Confinedneglect, carelessness
Regard, circumspect
Accidental casual deliberate, format, ceremonious
Emphatic, explicit, positiveUniversal, cosmopolitan, whole categorical  uncertain, unexplicit 
EntireCareful, circumspect, wary, catholic provincial
CharyWatchful, vigilant, alert cautions careless, thoughtless
Mortification, humiliation chagrin satisfaction, pleasure
Disappointment, discomposure(i)                 Mercy, clemency, grace(ii)               Philanthropy, humanity charity  (i) the ill- will, malice(ii) unkindness
Arrest, interrupt, curb, restrain check accelerate(speed), advanceMovements, release
Pick, select, elect, prefer choose reject, eschew, spurn
Deep- seated, confirmed, settled chronic Acute
Roundabout, indirect, devious circuitous straight, direct
Outwit, overreach, baffle circumvent conform(to orders), promote
Balk, thwart, foil(i)                 Polite, courteous, complaisant civil(ii)               Pertaining to ordinary life

(iii)             Pertaining to private

(iv)             Pertaining to the community

(v) co-operate(with rude)(i) uncivil(ii) military

(iii) criminal

(iv) foreign

Demand require, exact claim renounce
Arrange, assort, systematize classify disarrange, muddle
Transparent, lucid, limpid 




turbid(water, air, days),Confused(thinking, mind),Unintelligible, abstruse

(writing explanation)

Intelligent, quick-wittedAdroit, ingenious clever dull, stupid, simple
Awkward, gauche, inept clumsy adroit, dexterous, facile
Merge, fuse, amalgamate coalesce disintegrate, separate
Gather, assemble, amass, hoard(i)                 Universal, general collectcommon disperse, distribute(i) individual, particular
(ii)               Mutual, reciprocal(iii)             Ordinary, familiar, usual(iv)             Popular, vulgar, low




(ii)individual(iii) rare, infrequent, unusual(iv) refined, unique, singular

Stormy, agitated

Tranquil, serene, peaceful calm stormy, agitated
Defame, slander, asperse calumniate praise, eulogize
Spacious, ample capacious limited, confined, exiguous
Efface, blot out, expunge cancel enforce, implement
Unstable, fickle capricious steadfast, steady
Pleasing captivating repulsive
Fleshly, sensual, animal carnal spiritual, intellectual, virtuous
Ambiguous, equivocal, vague categorical conditional, conjectural
Circumspect, wry cautions adventurous
Alteration changes uniformly
Benevolent, philanthropic charitable uncharitable
Pure, decent chaste wonton, immoral
Discipline, correct chasten pamper
Select, pick choose reject
Demand, require claim disclaim, denounce
Leniency, mercyBrilliant, smart, droid, clemency harshness, severity
Ingenious clever dull
Apex, summit climax anti-climax
Awkward, gauche clumsy dexterous, adroit, facile
Vulgar, gross, obscene coarse fine, refined
Cajole, wheedle coax bully, browbeat, intimidate
Subordinate, secondary, related collateral unrelated
Gather, huge, enormous, vast colossal diminutive small, puny
Applaud, compliment commend censure, admonish
Impart, apprise, inform communicate suppress, hide
Parallel, similar, analogous comparable disparate, divergent
Capable, qualified competent incompetent
Obliging, amiable complaisant contrary, perverse
Acquiescence compliance obstinacy
Flattery compliment tent
Hide conceal reveal
Attention concentration distraction
Pacify, appease conciliate antagonize
Last, final concluding opening
Harmony concord discord
Specific concrete abstract
Agree, unite concur contend, altercate
Contribute conduce ward, avert
Trust, reliance confidence doubt, apprehension
Fight, clash conflict harmony
Confound, muddle confuse enlighten
Inborn, hereditary congenital acquired
Scrupulous, honest conscientious unconscientiously,unscrupulous
Assent consent dissent
Amalgamation consolidation dissolution
Prominent, silent, striking conspicuous inconspicuous, ordinary
Concurrent contemporary foregoing, following
Despicable, pitiable contemptible admirable
Temperance, abstinence continence incontinence, lustfulness
Deny, contradict contravene uphold
Rebut, refute controvert Assent, defend
genial, affable cordial indifferent, disinterested
Oblique crooked straight
Inquisitive, prying curious incurious, uninterested
Usual customary occasional
Pessimistic, misanthropic cynical hopeful, optimistic
Determine, settle decide vacillate, hesitate, falter
Infirm, feeble, week decrepit sturdy, strong
Lag, dally, dilly-dally delay hasten, hurry
Cancel, efface, expunge, erase delete insert
Intentional, premeditated deliberate impulsive, casual
Shy, boggle, hesitate demur accept, admit
Thick dense thin, sparse, scattered
Gainsay contradict deny confirm, concede
Corruption, degradation depravity improvement, betterment
Trouble, torment depress elate, cheer
Despairing, hopeless despondent lighthearted
Forlorn, lonely desolate cheerful, glad
Crooked, oblique devious straight forward
Diverse, different, various disparate comparable, analogous
Strip, denude divest invest
Paramount, preponderant dominant subordinate
Doubtful, questionable dubious trustworthy
Pygmy, midget dwarf giant
Active, powerful, potent dynamic static
Keen, anxious, agog eager listless, indifferent
Powerful, forceful, potent effective ineffective, futile, ineffectual
Conceit, self-love, vanity egotism modesty
Supple, flexible elastic rigid, stiff
Exaltation, loftiness, uplifting elevation depression, lowness
Discomfit, bash embarrass relieve, facilitate
Liberate, give the vote to enfranchise disfranchise
Increase, liberate enlarge abridge, imprison
Adorn, enhance enrich impoverish
Enchain, fretter enslave liberate
Eccentric, odd, queer, strange erratic normal, typical, conventional
Vital, cardinal, fundamental essential non-essential
Lineate estrange reconcile
Never-ending, eternal everlasting transitory
Provoke, irritate exasperate mollify
Extreme excessive deficient
Select exclusive inclusive
Display, show exhibit inhibit, hide, conceal
Exile, banish expatriate repatriate
Inordinate extravagant economical, restrained, frugal
Extraneous extrinsic intrinsic
Lavish, profuse, prodigal exuberant austere
Celebrated, renowned, glorious famous unknown, inglorious
Fruitful, fecund fertile infertile, sterile, barren
Intimate, close familiar all of, unfamiliar, strange
Strife, contention, broil feud peace, amity
Fabulous, legendary fictious historical, real, authentic
Fealty,. Loyalty, devotion fidelity faithlessness, perfidity
Hard firm loose, flabby
Elastic, resilient, supple flexible inflexible, rigid, stiff
Succeed, pursue, chase follow precede, lead
Tolerant, indulgent forbearing unrelenting
Prohibit, inhibit, forbid permit
conventional, ceremonious formal informal
Brittle, weak, slender fragile tough, strong
Candid, open, plain frank reticent, taciturn
Thrifty, economical, sparing frugal wasteful, extravagant
Accomplish, execute, performImplement fulfill fail, frustrate
Grown-up, ripe full-fledged unfledged, callow
Tawdry, flashy gaudy decent, modest
Fluent, eloquent glib hesitant, stammering
Glam, shine glimmer glitter
Dark, dim, dusky gloomy brilliant, bright
Relentless, merciless grim lenient
Increase, augmentationDevelopment, progress growth decrease, decline
Accord, concord harmony conflict
Rough, rugged, uneven harsh pleasant. mild
Proud, arrogant, insolent, haughty lowly, humble, week, modest
Inescapable,, unavoidable inevitable voidable
Fire, kindle inflame extinguish
Wholesale, seeping indiscriminate discriminating, selective
Voluntary, deliberate intentional instinctive
Peevish, petulant, fretful introvertintrude extrovert                                                                   Obtrudewithdraw
Habitual, ingrained, rooted invertebrate unwanted
Appeal, entreat invoke exercise
Delight, pleasure joy sadness, gloom, depression
Youthful, boyish juvenile adult, mature
Sharp, acute keen blunt
Light, ignite, excite kindle extinguish
Slow, leisurely laggard prompt, quick
Slow, tolerant, backsliding, mild lenient harsh, inclement
Responsibility liability immunity
Generous, bountiful, lavish, liberal stingy, miserly
Open-minded Bigoted
Joyful, happy, blithe, volatile light-hearted despondent, depressed, sad
Clear, transparent limpid turbid
Detest, abhor loathe like, prefer
High, elevated, raised lofty lowly, humble
Talkative, garrulous loquacious taciturn
Faithful, devoted loyal disloyal, unfaithful, treacherous
Profitable, remunerative, paying lucrative unprofitable, losing
Laughable, absurd, ridiculous, comic ludicrous serious, grave
Brilliance, shine, brightness, glory luster dimness, painless
Flourish, bound luxuriate decay, wither
Daintiness, pleasure, gratification luxury discomfort, asceticism
Stately, august, noble majestic men, abject, sordid, ignoble
Imposing, magnificent
Spite, spleen, grudge malice charity
Defame, traduce malign defend
Colossal, gigantic, enormous mammoth small, insignificant
Exhibit, show, display manifest conceal, suppress
Ripe, mellow, grownup mature immature, childish
Dishonest, deceitful meagermendacious Scanty, spare, sparseample, copiousveracious, honest
Amazing, astonishing, surprising marvelous ordinary, commonplace
Officials, interfering meddlesome harmless, non-interfering
Commonplace, ordinary, inferior medium superior, great
Hired, venal, mean mercena honorable, voluntary
Wandering migratory settled, stationary
Depreciate, belittle minimize magnify
Mischance, adversity, disaster misfortune happiness, prosperity, comfort
Boring, dull monotonous melodious, cheerful, varied
Outrageous, heinous, infamous monstrous decent, small
Atrocious, enormous
Obscure, dark, occult mysterious open, clear, intelligible
Puzzle, confuse, bewilder, perplex mystify illumine, enlighten
Carelessness, negligence, slight neglect care, respect
Duty, bound, engagement obligation freedom, liberty
Debt, responsibility
Dark, murky, humble, lowly obscure bright, clear, lucid, exited
Stupid, dull obtuse intelligent, bright, acute,
Manifest, evident, patent, plain obvious obtuse, abstruse
Attacking, aggressive, repulsive, revolting offensive                                                                   defensive, pleasing, polite
Foreboding, inauspicious ominous auspicious, promising
Cruelty, tyranny, persecution oppression kindness, freedom
Hopeful, cheerful optimism pessimism
Decorated, florid ornate plain, simple
Gloomy opaque transparent
Eastern oriental occidental
Clear, lucid perspicuous turbid, muddy, turgid
Induce, prevail persuade dissuade
Relevant, apposite, applicable pertinent impertinent
Charity philanthropy misanthropy
Acclaim, extol, eulogize praise lame, malign, traduce
Vanity, vainglory pride humility, shame
Personal, confidential private public
Profuse, luxuriant, lavish, prodigal parsimonious, frugal
Temporal, archlyLavish, prodigal, luxuriant, profaneprofuse


sacred, holy, divinespare, scanty


Abundant, copious, excessiveAdvance progress retrogress, regress
Forbid, ban, prevent, curb, check prohibit permit, allow
Advance, assist, aid, hasten promote impede, hinder, demote
Welfare, happiness prosperity diversity, ill-luck, misfortune
Precise, exact, prompt punctual unpunctual, late, inexact
Follow, chase, hunt pursue flee, escape
Brilliance, splendor, luster radiance dullness, dimness
Incoherent, desultory, discursive rambling coherent, sensible
Retreat, back recede proceed, advance
Reform, recover, redeem reclaim spoil, abandon
Correct, amend rectify falsify, corrupt
Prostrate, reclining recumbent upright, erect
Culture, cultivation refinement vulgarity
Recalcitrant, intractable refractory malleable
Confute, rebut refute confirm, concede
Refuse, spurn, discard reject accept, choose
Delight, gratify, exult rejoice grieve, bewail
Relaxation, pardon remission increase, penalty
Rebuke, reprimand, admonish, chide reprove praise, eulogies
Spurn, reject repudiate adopt, own, admit
Repellent, distasteful, hateful, repulsive repugnant congenial
Likeness, similitude, agreement resemblance difference, distinction
Recede, withdraw retreat advance
Review, survey, reminiscence retrospect prospect, anticipation
Oppose, foil, withstand resist submit, abide
Absurd, comic, grotesque ridiculous serious, grave, tragic
Rugged, coarse, rude rough smooth, gentle
Impolite, ill-mannered, raw rude civil, urbane
Rustic, pastoral, bucolic rural urban
Holy, hallowed, blessed sacred profane
Rarely seldom usually
Old, age senile juvenile
Stern, austere, ascetic severe tolerant, tender
Indicative, weighty, important significant insignificant, pointless
Idleness, laziness, indolence, inertia sloth Activity, vigour, industry.
Sharp, piercing, quick, active smart blunt, slow, dull
Formal, ceremonial, sacred solemn informal, trivial
Ample, capacious spacious narrow, scanty
Concrete, precise, particular, specific general, ordinary, vague
Voluntary, willing spontaneous involuntary
Barren, unfruitful, unproductive sterile fruitful, productive
Rigid, tense stiff released, supple
Reinforce, substantiate strengthen weaken, confute
Conquer, overcome, crush subdue yield, suffer
Surrender, yield, comply submit resist, disobey
Call, bid summon dismiss, close
Expensive, costly, splendid sumptuous cheap, plain, inexpensive
Shallow, flimsy superficial deep, uncritical, radical
Excessive, needless superfluous few, necessary
Doubt, mistrust suspense certainty
Adroitness, ability, dexterity tact awkwardness, stupidity
Rashness, audacity temerity caution, timidity
Self-control, moderation temperance intemperance, license
Twisted tortuous straight, direct
Calamitous, fatal tragic comic, cheerful
Infringement, sin, trespass transgression observance
Shivering, quaking tremulous steady, firm
Successful triumphant unsuccessful
Reliable, loyal trusty untrustworthy, unreliable
Civility, politeness urbanity incivility, rudeness
Empty, void vacant full, occupied
Uncertain, indefinite vague certain, definite, clear
Diversity, multiplicity variety uniformly
Pardonable venial unpardonable, inexcusable
Spontaneous, free, willing voluntary involuntary, unintended
Untamed, savage, rough, violent, cruel, wild tame, domesticated, civilized
Concede, resign yield resist, fight
Summit, apogee, apex, acme zenith nadir
Flavor, gusto, relish zest distaste, dislike
ab, absfromambi


an, a


Ante              before

Antediluvian ancient(before and flood)

from, awayboth





abduct, lead away kidnap, abjure, renounceambiguous of double meaning.Ambivalent having two convicting emotions.

anarchy lack of government

amoral without moral sense.

antecedent preceding event of word


Anti against, opposite antipathy hatred; antithetical exactly opposite
Cata down catastrophe disaster; cataract waterfallCatapult hurl(throw down)
Circum  around  circumnavigate sail around(the globe)Circumspect cautions(looking around)Circumscribe limit  (place circle around)
Contra, canto                      againstDe                 down, away contravene conflict with; controversy disputedebase, lower in value; decadence deterioration
DiEx, e

In, il, im, ir









dichotomy division into two partsDilemma choice between two bad alternativesexpel drive out, eject throw out

inefficient not efficient; inarticulate not clear or

distinct;  illegible not readable; impeccable not

capable of sinning;   flawless irrevocable not to

` be called back.

Mis bad, improper misdemeanor minor crime, bad conductMischance unfortunate accident
Mis hatred misanthrope person who hates mankindMisogynist woman – hater
Mono one monarchy government by one rulerMonotheism belief in one god
Multi many multifarious having many partsMultitudinous numerous
Neo new neologism newly coined wordNeophyte beginner; novice
Pan all every panacea cure – allPanorama unobstructed view in all directions










polyglot speaking several languagesposthumous after deathpreamble introductory statement

Promotion forewarning

prototype first of its kind

pseudonym pen name

retrospect looking back

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