Synonyms & Antonyms RL – Reading Manipulatives antonym. A word or phrasewith the opposite meaning to another. Example. Download information sheets. Antonyms and synonyms (PDF) and example like Synonyms and Antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. ○. Warm is an antonym for cool. ○. Strong is an antonym for weak.

SYNONYMS                                    WORD                      ANTONYMS

Refrain, forbear abstain exceed, indulge
Plenty, profusion, overflow abundance scarcity, shortage, dearth
Invective, reproach, aspersion(noun) abuse Praise, eulogy, tribute
Slander, reproach, defame abuse praise, eulogize, applaud
Casualty, hazard, mishap accident design, intent, purpose
Quicken, speedup, expedite, hasten                                                      accelerate dissipate, distribute
Admit, receive, take accept reject
Contribute, gather accrue decrease, lessen, dwindle
Impeach, charge, censure accuse exonerate, exculpate, acquit,
Correct, unerring, precise accurate incorrect, inaccurate, inexact
Attain, accomplish, fulfill,
Win, gain, complete achieve fail, miss
Real, authentic, genuine, present actual potential, virtual, implied
Sharp, penetrating, intelligent acute dull, blunt, stupid
Equal, sufficient, effectual adequate inadequate, insufficient,unequal
Stick, cling ,fasten, disengage,Disjoin adhere separate, detach
Close, near, contiguous                               adjacent remote, distant
Regulate, fix, stabilize, align adjustdisorder upse,
Direct, execute, control, superintend administerwithout neglect,
Receive, take, accept admitexpel eject,
Reprove, slide, rebuke, warnAppropriate, choose, assume admonishpraise, approveadoptdrop commend,reject,

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