Synonyms & Antonyms RL – Reading Manipulatives antonym. A word or phrasewith the opposite meaning to another. Example. Download information sheets. Antonyms and synonyms (PDF) and example like Synonyms and Antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. ○. Warm is an antonym for cool. ○. Strong is an antonym for weak.

SYNONYMS                  WORD                 ANTONYMS

Sacr holy sacrilegious impious, violating something holy;sacrament religious act
Sci to know omniscient knowing all; conscious aware
Scrib, script to write transcribe make a written copy; script writtentext
Sed, see to sit sedentary inactive
Sent, sens to think to feel resent show indignation; sensitive showingfeeling
Sequl, seculSeque  to follow  consecutive following in order; sequencearrangement; sequel/ that which follows;

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