Synonyms & Antonyms RL – Reading Manipulatives antonym. A word or phrase with the opposite meaning to another. Example. Download information sheets. Antonyms and synonyms (PDF) and example like Synonyms and Antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. ○. Warm is an antonym for cool. ○. Strong is an antonym for weak.

SYNONYMS                                    WORD                 ANTONYMS

Tranquil, serene, peaceful calm stormy, agitated
Defame, slander, asperse calumniate praise, eulogize
Spacious, ample capacious limited, confined, exiguous
Efface, blot out, expunge cancel enforce, implement
Unstable, fickle capricious steadfast, steady
Pleasing captivating repulsive
Fleshly, sensual, animal carnal spiritual, intellectual, virtuous
Ambiguous, equivocal, vague categorical conditional, conjectural
Circumspect, wry cautions adventurous
Alteration changes uniformly
Benevolent, philanthropic charitable uncharitable
Pure, decent chaste  wonton, immoral
Discipline, correct chasten pamper

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