Synonyms & Antonyms RL – Reading Manipulatives antonym. A word or phrasewith the opposite meaning to another. Example. Download information sheets. Antonyms and synonyms (PDF) and example like Synonyms and Antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. ○. Warm is an antonym for cool. ○. Strong is an antonym for weak.

pac  peace  pacify make peaceful; pacific peaceful; pacifistperson opposed to war
pater, part 




patriotism love of one’s country; patriarch maleruler of family, group, or state; paternity

father hood



disease, feeling 


pathology study of diseased tissue; patheticlacking feeling; indifferent; antipathy hostile


phill love philanthropist benefactor, lover of humanity
    anglophile lover of everything English;philanderer one involved in brief love affairs.
Rid, ris  to laugh  derision scorn; ridiculous deserving to belaughed at
Rog, rogat to ask interrogate        question
Rupt to break interrupt break into; rupture a break

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