Time and Work Quiz 10

  • A cistern is filed in 9 hours, but it takes 1 hour longer to be filled due to leak in its bottom .if the cistern is full in what time will the leak empty it?

  • If 4/5 of a tank is filled with water in one minute, then the time required to fill the remaining part is?

  • 10 men, 10 women and 10 children can do a work in 10 days, 20 days and 30 days respectively. Then how many days 5 men, 5 women and 5 children take to complete the same work?

A can do a work in 40 days. He worked for 5 day and B finished the remaining work in 21 das. In how many days can A and B together complete the work/

  • A and B can do a work in 18 and 15 days respectively. They work together for 5 days and B left. In how many days will A finish the remain g work>

  • A and B can do a work in 42 and 56 days respectively, they begin the work together but A left after some days. B completed the remaining work in 42 days. After how many days did a leaves?

  • A and B can do a work in 25 and 20 days respectively. They together under took a work for Rest 9000. What is the share of B?

  • A is twice as good efficient worker as B together they can complete the working 50 days. In how many days b alone complete work?

  • Two taps A and B can fill a tank in 32 min and 24 min respectively. If both taps are opened simultaneously, after how much time should A be closed so that the tank can be filled in 18 mines?

  • A sum of money is sufficient to pay A’s wages for 12 days and it is sufficient to pay B’s wage for 36 days. The same sum of money is sufficient for wages of both for how many days?

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