word power competitive exams (q)

  • Quack(N): a person who pretends to have skill and knowledge (Esp. in medicine), impostor The quack prescribed a wrong dose of medicine which endangered the life of a patient.
  • Qualm(N): misgiving , doubt  The manager has no qualms about dropping players who don’t   perform well.
  • Quake(V): to shake or tremble Finding themselves alone in the jungle, the children quacked with fear.
  • Quail(V): to be afraid, lose courage The boy quailed at his father’s age.
  • Quandary(N): state of uncertainty or perplexity He has been offered a better job but at a lower salary, so he is in a   quandary about what to do.
  • Quash(V): make null and void, put an end to or cancel, overturn, invalidate   The captain soon quashed the sailor’s mutiny.
  • Queer(Adj): odd, strange, peculiar He has queer habits.
  • Quell(V): putdown, sup[press, put an end to The king tired to quell the rebellion force.
  • Quench(V): satisfy thirst, slake, extinguish, put out fire  He asked me a glass water to quench his thirst Fire man tried to quench the flames raging through the building
  • Query(N): a question, especially one asking for information or expressions doubt about something.  If you have a query about your insurance policy, contact our help  line,
  • Quest(N): a long search for something, seeking, pursuit Columbus set set to quest a sea route to he east.
  • Querulous(Adj): complaining, murmering  Don’t use that querulous tone of voice with me.
  • Quibble(V): to argue or complain about a small matter or an unimportant details It is not worth quibbling over such a small amount.
  • Quiescent(Adj): silent, still motionless The room was so quiescent that you could have heard a pin drop.
  • Quintessence(N): the perfect example of something, the most important features He  was the quintessence of politeness.
  • Quiver(V): shake, tremble, vibrate, shiverThe boy tremble, vibrate, shiver
  • Quixotic(Adj): having  or involving imagination ideas or plans that are usually not practiced This is  vast exciting and perhaps a quixotic project.


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