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  • Clandestine (Adj)   : secret   The lover’s clandestine meeting was soon known to everybody.
  • Colossal     : huge, enormous, and gigantic   Some of the cine actors earn a colossal amount of money.
  • Compassion (N)    : pity, sympathy, commiseration  We must show compassion for the people who are in troubles.
  • Conspicuous (Adj)   : noticeable, easily seen     It is conspicuous hat he has violated the rules.
  • Culpable (Adj)    : blame worthy, guilty  A culpable politician was exculpated from a murder case.
  • Crux (N)   : centre of a problem  We have now reached the crux of our negotiations.
  • Covetous (Adj)  : Eagerly, desirous, greedy, having a strong desire for the things  that other have     They began to cast covetous eyes on his success.
  • Contentious (Adj)   : quarrelsome, disagreeable  A contentious person argues and disputes about trifles.
  • Conspiracy (N)    : secret plan to do something unlawful or wrong    Conspiracy was made to overthrow the government.
  • Culmination (N)   : zenith, acme, attainment of highest point He reached culmination in his business with his business acumen.
  • Contiguous (Adj)    : adjoining, neighboring, touching  India and Pakistan are contiguous countries
  • Contagious (Adj)   : spreading by direct or indirect contact  Chickenpox is a contagious disease.
  • Condemn (V)     : to say that somebody or something is wrong, censure, blame, Sentence
  •     We all condemn cruelty to children.
  •      He was condemned to death by the court


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