Word power for spoken english (e)

Earnest (Adj): serious, determined Only earnest chess players become champions.

Eccentric (Adj): odd, peculiar, abnormal  She is growing more eccentric every day.

Ecstasy (N): a feeling or state of great happiness, exalted state of feeling.His heart was filled with ecstacy when he knew that he was   selected for IAS.

Efface (V): rub or wipe out, erase, cancel to make something disappear, obliterate.

  •  He tried hard to efface he memories from his mind.

Eerie (Adj) : strange, mysterious and frightening There was an eerie silence in the dark wood.

Effeminate (Adj): feminine, looking or behaving like a woman or a girl.  He is ridiculed by his friends for his effeminate manners.

Effervescent (Adj): excited, enthusiastic and full of energy, bubbly. His effervescent disposition endears him to all.

Efficacious (Adj): effective Quinine is a efficacious remedy for malaria.

Effusion (N) : sending or poring out, emotional speech or writing

  • There was an effusion of blood when he cut his finger.
  •   His letter was full of effusion of love.

Elation (N): a feeling of over joy, a feeling of great happiness and excitement   All the Indians were elated at the outstanding performance of  their team against Pakistan.

Elicit (V) : draw out, evoke, extract  The police officer tried to elicit information by questioning the  accused.

Elucidate (V): throw light on, explain to make something clear Let me elucidate this point to you.

Elude (V): to escape skillfully Veerappan was able to elude the police for years.

Elixir (N) : a magic liquid that is believed to cure illness or to make people live for ever Meditation is said to be the elixir of life.

Emaciate (V): to make thin and weak, to make feeble A prolonged ill-ness can emaciate a person’s body.

Emanate (V): come out, originate, arise, flow out Certain poisonous gases emanate from these chemicals.

Emancipate(V) : free from legal, social, political or moral restraint Gandhi struggled for the political and social emancipation of the weaker sections of the society.

Embellish (V) : decorate, adorn The simple dress was embellished with colorful embroidery.

Embezzle (V)  : to steal money that your are responsible for She was found guilty of embezzlement.

Emulate (V): try to equal or surpass, to imitate with intent to equal or excel. We should emulate the great personalities in order to become successful persons in life.

b inspire with love or liking, charm, delight He was enamoured with her beauty.

Encroach (V ): intrude, trespass  The encroached buildings were totally demolished by the Government

Endeavour (N): effort, attempt   We must endeavor to reach our goals.

Encumber (V): make movement difficult, obstruct, and be burdensome  Two suit cases encumbered her.

Endorse (V): to confirm or support  We whole heartedly endorsed his candidature.

Enervate (V): weaken, debilitate, and take away strength Her health was constantly enervated under the pressure of work.

Enigmatic (Adj): puzzling, mysterious and difficult to understandEven after very  he still remains enigmatic to me

Ennui (N) : boredom Unable to bear ennui he went to  movie

Enormous (Adj): immense, very great, and huge   The team made an enormous effort.

Entangle (V): involve in difficulties  He got himself entangled in illegal financial dealings.

Entice (V): temp, persuade, attract The company enticed the customers with innovative offers.

Enunciate (V): express clearly, pronounce distinctly  Radio and TV announcers should have good enunciation skills.

Envious (Adj) : jealous  Don’t be envious of other people’s good fortune.

Envisage (V): imagine   I don’t envisage working with him again.

Epitome (N): a perfect example of something, model He is the epitome of modern man.

Erratic (Adj): irregular, inconsistent, and unpredictable  An erratic mind jumps from one conclusion to other.

Escalate (V): to make something worse We don’t want to escalate the war

Enthrall (V): please greatly The spectatcs were enthralled by his performance in the playfield.

Euphony (N) : without beginning or end, everlasting, too frequent Swamiji speaks of eternal bliss.

External (Adj): overstate, to make something big/large important than actually

  • What it is
  • His account of the accident was full of exaggeration.

Exalt (V): praise lavishly Everybody exalted him when he won the award.

Exasperate (V): irritate, annoy, make very angry  He was exasperated by continual interruptions.

Excavate (V): dig out, unearth We will need several bulldozers to excavate the site for new dam.

Exemplary (Adj): serving as an example, worthy of imitation His behavior is always exemplary.

Exile (V) :banish, expel from one’s country  The enemies exiled the king’s friends after his death.

Exorbitant (Adj): excessive, much too high, going beyond the usual limits People are unable to afford the exorbitant prices

Expatiate (V): talk about, enlarge in discourse My grandfather used to expatiate on his war experiences for   Hours.

Explicit (Adj): clearly stated, definite He gave me explicit information on how to reach there.

Extempore (Adj: A speech given without any previous preparation. His extempore speech enthralled the audience.

Extravagant (V) : wasteful, profuse in expenses  Extravagant people can never save money.

Exonerate (V): acquit, free a person from blame  He was exonerated from murder case due to lack of evidence.

Exigency (N): urgent need or demand, emergency Due to exigency of funds they had to approach a money lender.

Expedite (V): hasten, speedup We were asked to expedite the delivery of goods.

Expurgate (V): clean, remove offensive parts of a book The publishers were asked to expurgate two offensive topics from  The book.

Exuberance (N): joyful, enthusiasm, overflowing with high spirits. Her exuberant disposition mad her very popular with her friends.

Exodus (N): large scale departure of people from one place to another The exodus of people from villages to cities must be stopped

Exhume (V): dig out of the ground, remove from the graveThe dead body was exhumed from the grave for repost mortem

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