word power made easy by norman lewis (C)

  • Clandestine(Adj)   : secret The lover’s clandestine meeting was soon known to everybody.
  • Colossal    : huge, enormous, and gigantic   Some of the cine actors earn a colossal amount of money.
  • Compassion(N) : pity, sympathy, commiseration  We must show compassion for the people who are in troubles.
  • Conspicuous(Adj) : noticeable, easily seen  It is conspicuous hat he has violated the rules.
  • Culpable(Adj)  : blame worthy, guilty A culpable politician was exculpated from a murder case.
  • Crux(N)   : centre of a problem   We have now reached the crux of our negotiations.
  • Covetous(Adj)        : Eagerly, desirous, greedy, having a strong desire for the things   that other have   They began to cast covetous eyes on his success.
  • Contentious(Adj)   : quarrelsome, disagreeableA contentious person argues and disputes about trifles.
  • Conspiracy(N)     : secret plan to do something unlawful or wrong   Conspiracy was made to overthrow the government.
  • Culmination(N)  : zenith, acme, attainment of highest point He reached culmination in his business with his business acumen.
  • Contiguous(Adj)  : adjoining, neighboring, touching India and Pakistan are contiguous countries
  • Contagious(Adj)  : spreading by direct or indirect contactChickenpox is a contagious disease.
  • Condemn (V)    : to say that somebody or something is wrong, censure, blame,    Sentence
  1.      We all condemn cruelty to children.
  2.        He was condemned to death by the court
  • Condone (V)  : forgive, pardon     Terrorism can never be condoned.
  • Conductive (Adj)     : advantageous, beneficial    An atmosphere, conductive to learning must be created.
  • Confess (V)    : say or admit that one has done wrong    He confessed that he had stolen the watch.
  • Confiscate (V) : take possession of, forfeitThe smuggled goods were confiscated by the customs authorities
  • Conflagration (N) : great fire
  1.   A village was totally destroyed in conflagration.
  2.   The conflagration in the sanctuary caused extensive damage to
  3.   The wild life.
  • Confluence (V)   : flowing together, the place there two or more streams unite.
  • :  Kumbhamela takes place a prayag, the holy confluence of rivers
  • Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi.
  • Confounded (Adj)   : confused    The confounded resemblance of the twins often causes troubles to    teachers.
  • Confute (V): prove  to be wrong.     He tried in vain to confute the allegations leveled against him.
  • Cache (N)   :  a secret hiding place for provisions, weapons or valuablesThe police found a cache of terrorists
  • Cacophony (N)   : harsh, unpleasant, discordant soundsWe were fed up of listening to the cacophony emanating from hisold guitar
  • Cadaver (N)  : a dead body The cadaver was in the mortuary pending the postmortem
  • Cajole (V) : to persuade somebody to do what you want by charm and flatter, coax   We have cajoled him to get the work done
  • Calumny (N) : a false charge, defamation He was found guilty of calumny.
  • Camouflage (N)  : disguise, false appearance given to deceive the enemy. The soldiers camouflaged themselves with leaves and twings.
  • Candid (Adj)  : frank, straight forward To be candid, I can’t help you.
  • Cantankerous (Adj) : quarrelsome irritable   He is so cantankerous that nobody likes him
  • Capitulate (V)    : surrender, vied They were finally forced to capitulate to the terrorist’s demands
  • Caress (N)  : fondling touch She stroked her child’s hair involving caress
  • Carnage (N): the killing of many people, message  The police failed to curb the carnage during the recent communal   riot in Gujarat.
  • Carnivorous (Adj) : flesh- eatingLions and tigers are carnivorous animals
  • Castigate    : criticize   She castigated herself for being foolish
  • Catastrophe (N)  : a disaster, calamity The recent Tsunami is a major catastrophe in history of the wood.
  • Caustic (Adj)    : sarcastic, obiter  You caustic remarks hurt his feelings.
  • Cease (V)  : stop, come or bring to an end  They cease working at 5 o’clock
  • Cemetery (N)   : graveyard    His aunt goes to the cemetery often to put flowers on uncle’s   Grave
  • Chaste (Adj)  : pure in word thought and deed, pious  She was chaste in her thought and behavior
  • Chastise (V)  : to punish severely   His father chastised the disobedient boy
  • Chivalrous (Adj) : honorable, courteous, and gallant Chivalrous men treat women with great respect
  • Chronic (Adj): lasting, lingering, intense, and severe.  Inspire of chronic ill health he wrote several books
  • Chum (N)  : a close friend  She is my old chum
  • Ciemency (N) : mercy mildness  We should show clemency towards poor people
  • Compassion (N) : pity, sympathy We should show clemency towards poor people
  • Compatible (Adj) : suitable, in agreement, mutually tolerateOur blood groups re compatible
  • Complacement (Adj) : self – satisfied, pleased  She is quite co placement with her life
  • Complaisment(Adj)  : obliging His complaisant attitude made him a good servant

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