Word power for Competitive Exams (c2)

Wordpower for all competitive exams and Kids and Word power by norman lewis free download PDF

  • Contravene(V):to go against, to oppose, violate, infringe A few MLA’s were suspended for contravening the rules give by the speaker
  • Contrive (V): find a clever way of doing something, invent A prisonercontrived a plan to escape from the prison
  • Conviction (N): a strong belief It’s my conviction that she is innocent
  • Copious (Adj): plentiful, abundant We have copious supply of drinking water.
  • Corpse (N): a dead body of a human being The police took away the unclaimed corpse.
  • Corpulent (Adj): very fat, bulky, and fleshy Corpulent people have the risk of getting heart problems
  • Crumble (V): fall into very small pieces, decay, and decline  Alexandar’s empire crumbled after his death
  • Curtail (V):  cut off a part, lessen, abridge We had to curtail the programme for want of time.
  • Countenance (N): face including its appearance and expression. He may have aged but I can recognize his countenance
  • Corrode (V): to war away, destroy gradually Jealousy had corroded their relationship.
  • Crestfallen (Adj): dejected  He was crestfallen when he failed in the examination
  • Countermand (V): cancel order. Terroriss tried to force him to countermand the order to attack.
  • Corroborate (V): confirm  Many witnesses corroborated the accused’s involvement in the  Heinous crime
  • Convivial (Adj): jovial, gregarious Everybody likes her because of convivial nature.
  • Contumacious (Adj): stubbornly or willfully disobedient The contumacious student was expelled from the college.
  • Callous (Adj): hardened, unfeeling, insensible Don’t be callous to the suffering of others.


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