Word power made easy online Word power(f)

  • To face the music: to face a difficult situation We should be prepared to face the music in life.
  • A fair- weather friend: a selfish friendWhen you are prosperous a host of fair weather friends surround you but when your prosperity is gone they desert you
  • To fight a losing battle: struggle without hope of success  The Ealam tigers are fighting a losing battle against Srilanka Government. Their dream of the Ealam will never come true.
  • A feather in the cap: a credit or achievement Winning jnanpith Award was yet another feather in his cap.
  • To fish in troubled waters: to take advantage of others’ troubles Politicians are callous.  They always fish in troubled waters.
  • A fish out of water: Feeling uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings A poor man if made to sit in the company of the rich will feels like a fish out of water.
  • As fit as a fiddle: in very good physical condition Although he is sixty yet he is n fit as a fiddle
  • To fall on deaf ears: to go unheard or unattended All my requests fell on the deaf ears of the officer.
  • Few and far between: infrequent, rare  Persons like Swamy Vivekananda and Gandhiji are few and far between in this modern world
  • Flesh and blood: the human body  Platonic love needs something more than flesh and blood
  • A fool’s paradise: a joy based on false hope  If Pakistan is dreaming of gainting a victory over India in a war, she is living in a fool’s paradise.

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