WordPower (B)

  • Bask (V) : luxuriate, take pleasure in warmth We sat basking in the warm sunshine
  • Bawdy (Adj) : indecent, obscene Boys teased the girls in a bawdy language
  •  Bedraggle (V) : wet thoroughly As we have bedraggled in the rain, we changed our clothes Beguile (V) : mislead or cheat He was beguiled by her beauty
  • Belated (Adj) : delayed, happening or arriving late Wish you a belated happy new year
  • Belittle (V) : disparage, to make someone /something seem small or Unimportant She felt her husband constantly belittled her achievements
  • Bellicose (Adj) : warlike, aggressive, having or showing desire to argue or fight His bellicose disposition alienated his friends.
  • Belligerent (Adj) : quarrelsome, combative, and warlike Your belligerent nature will get you in trouble
  • Benevolent (Adj) : generous, charitable, kind, compassionate A benevolent person is remembered forever.
  • Bequeath (V) : Leave to someone by means of a will He bequeathed his daughter his entire estate
  •  Beserk (Adv) : Angered, very angry He went beserk when the found the work had not been Completed.
  • Beseech (V) : beg, implore. He beseeched her to forgive him.
  • Besiege (V) : surround with armed forces The fort was besieged by the enemies
  •  Betray (V) : be unfaithful disloyal act deceitfully He felt that she had betrayed him
  • Betroth (V) : become engaged to marry, promise to marry Aiswarya is betrothed to Abhisekh Bachan.
  • Bizarre (Adj) : fantastic, very unusual or strange. The plot of the novel was too bizarre to believe.
  • Blasphemy (N) : irreverence, sacrilege, words uttered impiously bout god.
  • Clandestine (Adj) Colossal Compassion (N) Conspicuous (Adj) Culpable (Adj) Crux (N) Covetous (Adj)
  • Blatant (Adj)  A theist can never tolerate blasphemy. : extremely obivious, offensive, flagrant He blatantly misused his power for his political ends when he was a minister.
  • Blithe (Adj)  : gay, joyous She is a blithe and carefree girl.
  • Bluff (V): to deceive somebody with pretence. I don’t think he will shoot- I think he is just bluffing.
  • Boisterous (Adj): violent, rough, and noisy The boisterous crowd broke the window panes of the theatre.
  • Boorish (Adj): rude, insensitive. He is a boorish young man.
  • Bountiful (Adj)   : abundant, plenty, rich We have bountiful supply of good drinking water.
  • Breach (N) : an act of breaking of law or contract. The company accused him of breaching his contract.
  • Brevity (N): conciseness The report is a master piece of brevity.
  • Brittle (Adj)  : easily broken Eggs shells are so brittle that the slightest tap will break them. Brook (V) : tolerate, endure She never brooks this type of nuisance
  • Buoyant (Adj): cheerful and optimistic Her buoyant disposition endears her to every one
  • Bruise (V)  : injure, hurt He bruised his knee when he fell down.
  • Babble (V)  : Chatter, mutter, gibber, speak like a baby The little girl is bubbling about her doll.


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