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Daunt (V): discourage, frighten You can’t daunt a courageous manThe warrior was praised for his dauntless courage

Daze (V): make unable to think clearly, bewilder, stun The boxer was dazed by the punch to his head   She was dazed by the new

Dazzle (V):  radiate, shine She was wearing a dazzling diamond necklace.

Dearth (N):scarcity, shortage, wantsThe dearth of talented software engineers forced the companies  to increase their remuneration.

Debackle (N): a sudden down fall, collapse, flasco, to complete failureThe debackle of the TDP government was the result of neglecting   farmers

Debase (V): lower, degrade

  •    Wise parents never debase their children’s abilities in front of their
  •   Friends and others

Debilitate (V): to make weak, enfeeble Lack of nutritious food is debilitating many poor children in India

Debonair (Adj): of pleasant and elegant appearance and manners, courteous His debonair manners make him very attractive in women

Debris (N): wreckage, ruins  The firemen found a corpse among the debris.

Debut (N):  a first public appearance on the stage  Lawrence made his debut as a director with the movie ‘MASS’.

Decadence (N): falling from high to low standard, declineSome ghastly incidents that are found in newspapers reflect the   decadence of moral and ethical values in the society.

Decamp (V): to depart secretly.  The cashier of the company decamped with the cash worth Rs.2 Crores.

Decelerate (V): to reduce speed, to slow down  Remember to decelerate before the bend.

Deciduous(Adj): of trees or shrubs shedding leaves annually  The apple is a deciduous tree.

Decimate (V): to reduce greatly in number kill or destroy  Wars decimate the population.

Decipher(V): to make out meaning, explain what is written in ciphers, decode  Sometimes it becomes very difficult to decipher doctors   Handwriting.

Deduce (V): draw a conclusion from facts, to conclude from reasoning  I deduced it must have rained during last night.

Dejected (Adj): gloomy, miserableHe was dejected when his love was rejected.

Deleterious (Adj): harmful, injurious, and destructive Smoking and drinking are deleterious to health.

Delinquent (Adj): guilty of an offence/misdeed  He is delinquent in his duties.

Delve (V): dig, to search patiently and carefully for something which is

  • Hidden or difficult to find
  •   He delved into the details of the incident and brought out
  •  Outstanding facts.

Devastate (V): ruin, demolish  The floods divested the lives of lakhs of people

Devoid (Adj):without, lacking, empty of  He is devoid of any sympathy for the poor

Dexterous (Adj): skilful, clever, quick, handling things neatly  Ravi varma is a dexterous painter

Deficiency (N): wanting self – confidence, shyness  It is your diffidence that stands in the way of your progress

Digress (V): deviate, aligaration, goes off the shift He keeps the digress of the main topic

Dilapidated (Adj) : In the verge of collapse The Government ordered to demolish the dilapidated buildings

Diligent (Adj) : Industrious, hardworking  A diligent student excels others in studies

Disaster (N): great or sudden misfortune  A disaster in any form destroys the lives of people

Disburse (V) : distribute, payout, expend  The salary is disbursed to the staff on the first of every month

Discard (V): throw away, give up, dismiss  Let us discard some of these old newspapers

Discern (V): detect, distinguish, recognize A sensible man discerns between the right and the wrong

Disclaim (V): disown, repudiates  He disclaimed his involvement in the scandal

Depose (V) : dethrone, remove from office  The president was deposed in a military coup

Dormant (Adj) : Latent, Lethargic  That movie brought out his dormant ability

Dissiminate (V): spread, scatter, and propagate The TV is a great boon in disseminatingnews to the remote      corners India

Demolish (V): pull down, destroy   An old building was demolished in order to build a shopping complex that place

Denounce (V): speak against, condemn, accuse The UN denounced the attack on Kuwait

Deplete (V) : diminish, attenuate, drain, empty War may deplete the treasury

Deport (V): exile, expel He was deported because be had  no passport

Deride (V) : to laugh at, to mock, treat with scorn  When Amitab wanted to became an actor many producers deride him saying that he was too tall to become a hero

Derogatory (Adj): insulting, defaming  His speech was highly derogatory

Despair (N): hopelessness The farmer was filled with despair when the crops failed

Detriment (N): damage, harmOver won detrimental to a older son’s health

Disclose (V): to uncle   They were unwilling to disclose the contents of the letter

Discreet (Adj): prudent , careful in what one says  She is very discreet in taking decision on important issues

Discrepancy (N) : difference There was a discrepancy in the two reports of the accidents

Disfigure (V): To deform, to mar, to spoil  His face was totally disfigured in the accident

Disgruntled (Adj) : discontented, disappointed People disgruntled  at the price rising of the articles

Disinterested (Adj) : not influenced by personal feelings or having personal interests  We need a disinterested person to settle our disputes

Disparage (V) : speak badly, undervalue, deride Never disparage the child, always encourage

Disposition (N): general tendency, attitude, temper She has a very cheerful disposition

Disseminate (V): Distribute or spread widely, diffuse to circulate News disseminated by means of television or radio

Distort (V): make crooked, deform, preventWhat she told was a distortion of truth

Divulge (V): to let-out, reveal, make known Don’t divulge this secret information to any one

Docile (Adj): easily trained or controlled She is a docile child and doesn’t argue

Doleful (Adj): sorrowful or sadThere was a doleful expression on his face

Doom (N): ruin, death The condemned criminal was must be very careful

Drudgery (N): hard boring work  Many of the women are fed up with household drudgery

Dote (V): be excessively fond of, to feel and show great love for somebody    ignoring their faults   He dotes on his only son, spolling him by giving whatever he   asks for.

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