One word substitutes(Exercise 3)

This is the verbal ability questions and answers section on “One Word Substitutes” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance one word substitutes(Exercise 1),one word substitutes(Exercise 2)

  1. Usurer                                     : one who lend some money at exorbitant rate of interest
  2. Toper                                       : one who is  a habitual drunkard
  3. Arbitrator                                : a person chosen by quarrelling parties to settle their differences
  4. Bellicose                                  : one who is fond of fighting
  5. Philanderer                              : one who makes love with out any serious intentions
  6. Duffer                                     : A person one who shows too much attention to his appearance  and clothes
  7. Cynic                                       : one who sneers at human motivates and actions
  8. Eavesdropper                          : one who listens secretly to private conversation
  9. Hypocrite                                : one who pretends to be what he is not
  10. Pedant                                     : one who makes a show of bookish learning
  11. Quack /charlatan                     : one who dishonestly claims to have medical knowledge and skill
  12. Sycophant                               : one who bootlicks rich men
  13. Fastidious                                : a person who is hard to please
  14. Effeminate                              :  person whose manner are more like that of women
  15. Quixotic                                  : idealistic but impractical person
  16. Introvert                                  : one whose thoughts are turned inward
  17. Extrovert                                 : one whose thoughts re directed outward
  18. Egocentric                               : looking at everything from a personal point of view, self centered
  19. Diffident                                 : shy and timid person
  20. Truculent                                 : cruel and ferocious
  21. Chauvinist                               : blindly patriotic

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