Word power for Kids- Word power(i2)

  • Impostor(N): cheater, person pretending to be what he is not The doctor was soon discovered to be an impostor,
  • Imprudent(Adj): reckless, careless His imprudent investment of money in shares landed him in Troubles
  • Inception(N): beginning commencement The doctor was soon discovered
  • Inclination(N): liking, fondness, tendency Inclination is the first step to achieve perfection in any art
  • Inquisitive(Adj: inquiring, questioning, probing, eager for knowledge The inquisitive nature in children should be knowledge
  • Insane(Adj): mad, mentally disordered, senseless The psychiatrists declared the killer insane
  • Insidious(Adj): stealthy, developing without attracting attention Jaundice is an insidious discease. Many a times the patient   realizes that he is suffering from jaundice  only at the last  moment
  • Insinuate(V): imply, hint, suggest Are you insinuating that I have stolen your watch?
  • Insipid(Adj): dull, tedious, lacking interest or spirit, dull, uninteresting His insipid conversation bored everyone
  • Insolent(Adj): rude, ill – mannered Her insolence cost her job
  • Insomnia(N): sleeplessness As he is suffering from insomnia, he is addicted to pills to get Sleep
  • Instigate(V): provoke They were accused of instigating racial violence
  • Intangible(dj): that can’t be touched That place has an intangible quality of holiness
  • Intimidate(Adj): frighten, threatenA political leader intimidated the voters into voting for him
  • Intuition(N-): instinct, power of knowing without reasoning I had an intuition that something awful was about to happen
  • Inundate(V): flood overwhelm We have been inundated with the offers of help
  • Infallible(Adj): that never goes wrong/fails, unfailing, never making a mistake No expert is infallible
  • Infidelity(N): unfaithfulness, disloyalty She couldn’t forgive his infidelities
  • Inflexible(Adj): rigid, that can’t be bent or turned We shouldn’t be inflexible in our dealing with others
  • Ingenious(Adj): clever, inventive, creative PV Narasimha Rao was an ingenious politician
  • Ingenuous(Adj): honest, frank Small children are generally ingenuous.
  • Inhibit (V):  holdback, impade A lack of oxygen may inhibit brain development in the unborn Child.
  • Inimical(Adj): hostile, unfriendly India is inimical to Pakistan
  • Inimitable(Adj): matchless, incomparable, unique  He entertained us in his own inimitable way
  • Iniquitous(Adj): immoral, wicked First we thought that he was very honest, but his iniquitous deedsproved him to be arouse
  • innate(Adj): inborn, inherent  he believe that humans are innately violent
  • innocuous(Adj): harmless, safe it is an innocuous medicine
  • innovative(Adj): inventive, creative innovative teaching methods are followed at VISION
  • inordinate(Adj): excessive, unreasonable they are inordinately fond of their children
  • invincible(Adj: undefeatable, unconquerable  Australian cricket team is described as an invincible team
  • Invulnerable(Adj): that can’t be wounded She is liked for her invulnerable behaviour
  • Irascible(Adj): irritable, becoming angry very easily They were tired of with the irascible old man
  • Irresolute(Adj): uncertain, doubtful, dubious He is unable to take decisions due to his irresolute nature
  • Irretrievable(Adj): that can’t be taken back Once the money is paid it is irretrievable
  • Irrevocable(Adj): that can’t be changed, unchangeable Once I have taken  decision it is irrevocable
  • Isolated (Adj): alone, lonely I felt very isolated in my new job
  • Irreverence(N):lack of proper respect, rode Her behaviour is  quite irreverent towards elders.
  • Irreproachable(Adj): blamless, that can’t be blamed, free from fault and impossible to Criticize.
  •  He is admired for his irreproachable conduct.
  • Irreparable(Adj): that can’t be repaired The sudden demise of soundarya is an irreparable damage to the   tolly wood
  • irrefutable(Adj): indisputable, that can’t be proved wrong. They are confident or winning the case because they have an    irrefutable evidence against their opponents.
  • Irksome(Adj): annoying, tedious, irritating. I found the restrictions  irksome.
  • Introspection(N): looking into oneself, careful examination of your thoughts and feelings.  This situation is best resolved with the minimum of introspectim
  • Intrepid(Adj) : fearless, bold Bhagath singh was an intrepid freedom fighter.
  • Insurmountable(Adj: unbeatable Naxalism and terrorism have turned out to be insurmountable problems.
  • Insatiable(Adj): not easily satisfied  We should have insatiable thirst for knowledge
  •  Indifferent(Adj): not at all interested in somebody or something We should not be indifferent to the sufferings of others.
  • Indelible(Adj): that can’t be deleted/ erased That incident left an indelible impression on his mind.
  • Incense(V): enrage, infuriate The umpire’s decision incensed the spectators.
  • Impromptu(Adj): without previous preparation / planning His impromptu speech couldn’t attract the audience
  • Infatuation(N): exaggerated fondness or passion, foolish love Youth mistake infatuation as real love.



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