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Ramble(V): take a walk, go for a walk, roam, wander Whenever I go to my village I have a pleasant ramble through thecountry side.

Ramification(N): consequence, aftermath, outcome, implication These changes are bound to have widespread social ramifications

Rampage(V): rush or run wildly, go berserk, rush about in a range The mob went on the rampage looting and smashing the windows.

Rampant(Adj): uncontrolled, spreading like wildfire, growing rancid. Terrorism is rampant in the world.

Rancid(Adj): rotten, stinking, state, bad smelling In hot weather butter soon becomes rancid

Rancor(N): bitterness hatred, deep and long lasting feeling of bitterness Inspite of my apologies, she still has a feeling of rancor.

Rapacious(Adj): excessively grasping, greedy The owner of the hotel was rapacious man.

Ransack(V): plunder, rid, rummage through, search a place thoroughly To steal everything

  •   She ransacked the whole house to find her lost keys.
  •  Mohammed Ghazni ransacked the some\anath temple.

Rapport(N): emotional closeness, harmony Having known each other for a long time they have an excellent  rapport.

Ratify(V): approve formally, confirm The treaty was ratified  by all the members of the state.

Rapture(N): ecstacy, elation, euphoria  Her heart was filled with rapture when she got a job in an MNC.

Ravage(V): plunder, despoil, destroy, demolish, damage His health was gradually ravaged by drink and drugs.

Ravenous(Adj): extremely hungry, starving, voracious   I am absolutely ravenous you must give me something to eat

Raze(V): destroy completely, pull down, demolish The village was razed to the ground

Realm(N): kingdom, region I suppose it is not beyond the realms of possibility.

Rebellious (Adj): disobedient, unruly, disorderly It is very difficult to control the rebellious students in the class

Rebuke(V): scold harshly, criticize severely Members of the jury were sharply rebuked for leaking  information to the press.

Recalcitrant(Adj): obstinately stubborn, unruly, not willing to accept rules The recalcitrant child wouldn’t listen to the implorations of its mother.

Recapitulate(V): summarize, repeat Let us recapitulate the main points once again

Recluse(N): hermit, one who lives alone and avoids other people She became a recluse after her two sons murdered.

Recuperate(V): recover The doctors said that she would recuperate from her illness in two Months

Reconcile(V): become friendly after  quarrel On his father’s advice Mohan decided to reconcile with his wife

Recurrent(Adj): occurring again and again Negligence resulted in recurrence of the mistakes

Redress(N): remedy compensation; set right

  •  The government is taking a number of steps to redress the
  •   grievances of the Harijans

Redundant(Adj): superfluous, extra, not neededHis style of writing is redundant

Refrain(V): abstain from  Please refrain from smoking in this area

Refurbish(V): renovate The Grandhotel has been completely refurbished

Refute(V): disprove, to prove that a statement or idea is incorrect  I refuted all their arguments

Regale(V): entertain He regaled us with the stories of his youth

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